Monday, November 23, 2015

Organic Winterizer for Houston 2015 - 2016.


NOAA  winter weather predictions for 2015 - 2016.
US & Canada's winter will be heavily influenced by El Nino. 
Supposedly we are in store for one of the coldest,wet, winters on recorded for late 2015 into the New Year 2016.
Preventing , avoiding  bad soil conditions before they appear and trying too correct soil conditions now are the best ways to prevent many spring and summer sod problems from occurring.
Before Houston's extreme winter rainy and wet season arrives, we suggest this year winterizing your grass late November - December with a pre - emergent  Organic Microlife 5-1-2 . 
Organic Microlife Brown Patch 5-1-3 is designed for turf-grass, along with 100 + nutrients,simulators and vitamins.Primarily designed for turf - grass  prone to disease and has proven microbial soil disease fighters.

Please keep in mind Organic winterizer must be put down after grass's growing season - grass has stopped growing and before the ground becomes dormant.

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