Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Houston Drought Tree Pruning Tips

Houston Drought Tree Pruning,Tree Trimming Tips.

1. The first step in rejuvenating a neglected tree
is to prune it.
2. Too much pruning will produce a lot of future
suckers on your tree[s] or excessive shoot growth     
and may increase the potential for sunburn near
sun-exposed pruning cuts and interior areas.
3. To avoid over pruning - we always start pruning
from the outside of the tree, lifting and canopying it.
4. We will then know exactly how much to prune and trim out the center of tree.
5. Limbs do better healing on their own, leaving them exposed to their natural habitat to air dry after pruning.
6. We suggest avoiding high numbers of nitrogen fertilizers for at least a year following heavy
tree pruning.

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Houston Heat - Drought Tree Conditions

Houston Heat - Drought Tree ,Tree Drought Conditions

Did you know that your larger existing trees could easily need - use up to 30 gallons of water a day?
Houston is no stranger to droughts. A good sign your tree lacks water is to visibly see smaller and larger dead branches at the very top of the tree.
This is a very good indication water is not reaching the top of your trees.


To encourage ideal root  growth, moisture - watering  levels should reach a depth of 12 to 18 inches below yours soil surface.

A good way to catch up your trees watering schedule is to water tree[s] with a slow trickle 2 hours - one time a week for the first month.
1 hour a week for the second month. And drop it down to 30 minuets - 1 time a week the third month.
Water apparatuses needed - A 5 gallon bucked with small pin holes in it. Fill it up as needed.
You can also use a drip line or soaker hose. Rap about a 50 foot water hose around tree spacing them apart every 2-3 feet.

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Are your Trees Storm ready?

Are your trees storm ready?

We Specialize in Tree Trimming, Pruning, Removals, Canopy , Thinning, Reduce Wind load, and Clean out Dense Drought - Stressed Trees.  Our other services include Landscaping, Tree Planting, Shrubs and Flowers planted in Houston.

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Diseased Mushrooms on Tree

Diseased Mushrooms on Tree

1) Remove the diseased mushrooms from the old tree stump, tree branches, yourself by picking them off or scraping them off manually.

To see more instructions on tree care please visit our website http://www.treeworxx.com

2)  Scrape the tree stump, tree branches with a garden tool, such as a trowel, to be sure you have removed all of the diseased mushrooms remnants.This will prevent them from growing back.

3)  Apply an Organic fungicide to the tree stump. An Organic fungicide treatment will kill the mushroom fungus.

Be sure to read label and user directions before using a fungicide.


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